Marketability Engineering

Based on scientific research and experience for the past 70 years, our experts developed the Marketability Engineering service.

Recognising a change in the automotive market which caused automotive customers to be difficult to predict, we created an innovative approach to conducting market research to accurately capture customer requirements.

Marketability Engineering is a fusion of four perspectives – academic, industry, marketing and engineering. It takes a middle point between the customer and engineering perspective, which deliver focused and relevant vehicle developments, driven by customer requirements and preferences, translated into actionable objective engineering requirements. Marketability Engineering provides:

  • A psychographic customer segmentation, which provides in depth understanding of customers
  • This segmentation captures customer requirements which are relevant for both vehicle development and vehicle acceptance phase of the V model
  • Can be applied in vehicle development or vehicle acceptance phase
  • Capture customer attribute importance across each of the pre-purchase stages
  • Capture overall customer satisfaction and specific attribute satisfaction
  • Media, expert and owner reviews assessment
  • Evaluation of OEM websites, apps and social media presence
  • The “voice of the consumer” is translated into actionable engineering criteria

Marketability Engineering employs a combination of methods (quantitative and qualitative) to provide focus for vehicle development and vehicle assessment, focused on what customers are interested in. It starts by conducting a survey to identify target customers, vehicle segment, attribute importance and satisfaction (Step 1), the results of which are used to focus vehicle benchmarking in digital environment and guide subjective vehicle benchmarking tasks (Step 2).  

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