We can complete full vehicle corrosion tests, either as standalone tests or as part of whole vehicle durability and reliability verification.

Our corrosion test procedure is available for two regions:

Severe Markets including:

  • China, Europe, North America, Japan and Korea
  • Non Severe Markets including:
    • Africa, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Middle East, India, Thailand and Vietnam

Corrosion testing uses a number of key, specialist facilities:

  • A custom built humidity chamber to submit vehicles to harsh high temperature and humidity. The chamber operates at temperatures of up to 50°C with a relative humidity of up to 95%.
  • Salt trough and salt spray facility
  • Mud trough facility
  • Proving ground durability features to excite the vehicle body

Following the completion of a corrosion test, we can perform a detailed full body teardown to assess the level of corrosion penetration experienced.

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