Enabling rapid charging of Li-Ion battery through cloud-based degradation modelling Webinar

Enabling rapid charging of Li Ion battery

HORIBA MIRA has developed a novel approach for battery management that  evaluates the complex changes in cell performance with ageing. The approach provides continuous recalibration of the Battery Management System’s (BMS) rapid-charging current limits, throughout the battery packs useable life.

This enables optimisation of the charging rate so that the battery pack can be charged at its maximum capability during its useable lifetime, whilst still ensuring protection against lithium plating. This minimises the vehicle charge time without accelerating battery ageing or compromising safety.

This webinar will benefit those who wish to find out how this technology works and how it can be integrated into the BMS to enable faster, safe charging, without reducing battery life.  The presentation will cover the causes of battery degradation, the processes that can be used to measure them, plus HORIBA MIRA’s patented approach to implementing that capability into the BMS and using cloud-based degradation modelling to optimise the battery operation during its life.

Enabling rapid chagre of li ion batteries