Coronavirus Statement

HORIBA MIRA Coronavirus statement

HORIBA MIRA is continuously monitoring, and swiftly responding to, the fast-moving coronavirus situation impacting all around the world.  Understandably we have had enquiries as to what our preparations have been, and I would like to share the status of that with you now.

As a responsible business, we are taking this situation very seriously. As such we have had in place a Pandemic Response Team for some weeks who, on a 24hrs basis, are directing our action in response to the crisis.

We are acting in accordance with relevant government requirements and advice in the UK and other countries we operate in, we are also pre-emptively planning and preparing for the weeks and months ahead.

Our primary concern is the health of our employees, those of our customers and our suppliers.  We hope you and your people are keeping well and applying all the recommended precautions, as we are in HORIBA MIRA.

In terms of the likely spread of coronavirus, it isn’t possible to forecast exactly what will happen over the coming days and weeks, but we do expect and are prepared for, a significant escalation in the numbers of people affected around the world.

HORIBA MIRA’s response to this pandemic includes the following…

  • As part of efforts to safeguard the wellbeing of our people and the sites they work in, there have been incremental changes made to our visitor management process in line with Government advice. All visitors are required to review our induction video before attending on-site. Our multi-layered site security capability, including our gatehouses, allows for close control of the adherence to that policy. The nature of our very large and highly dispersed site, with low numbers of people in a high number of locations, further benefits our capacity to limit exposure risks.
  • Our wider family of Nuneaton, UK, site businesses and educational locations – the MIRA Technology Park – have also been required to follow the same visitor protocols.
  • Travel bans have restricted the movement of our employees to other countries in recent weeks, in close alignment to Government travel advice.
  • Our staff working arrangements have been fully reviewed across the business to determine the possibilities of colleagues working remotely – we have invested in IT provisions in order to enable and enact this social distancing swiftly and without impact to those colleague’s ability to stay productive.
  • Where remote working is not possible – in test environments for example – management of team resources is being reviewed daily in order to remain effective yet minimise risks to our people or continuity of service. All teams have been encouraged to utilise our IT capabilities for virtual communications – Skype, Instant Messaging etc – in place of face-to-face meetings.
  • We have established an Isolation Room on-site, such that any employee who becomes ill can take immediate action to isolate themselves and receive immediate support and guidance.
  • We have had in place, and continue to increase, extensive extra hygiene practices on-site – including surface cleaning, and installations of extra hand sanitisers in public spaces.
  • We have reviewed our supply chain activity and will risk-assess any possible implications on business continuity from that perspective daily.
  • The business has been modelling in advance (outside of daily operations) our business continuity response to the crisis via pre-emptive emergency response exercises.
  • Any changes to our company policy, or the release of new information or guidance for our people, is published to our dedicated internal website and communicated across the business quickly.


The situation regarding Coronavirus is fast-moving and will continue for some weeks and months. Our Pandemic Response Team, armed with the latest Government information as well as operational feedback from across all our sites, is positioned effectively to react and support the safeguarding of our people and the continuity of our service both now and into the future.

If at any time you need any further details from us please feel free to contact the team directly at [email protected]


Our best wishes

Declan J. Allen

Managing Director

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