Comparison of Battery Electric and Fuel Cell Powertrain on a Typical UK Bus Duty Cycle Webinar

Comparison of battery electric and fuel cell powertrain on a typical UK bus duty cycle

This webinar will assess the two main types of powertrain available to achieve the UK’s objective to make all buses zero emission in the future.  It will focus on the results of a recent project to compare the efficiency of a pure electric powertrain (BEV) and a fuel cell electric powertrain (FCEV) for a typical UK bus duty cycle.  It includes the optimal sizing of the battery (BEV) and fuel cell and battery (FCEV) to meet the duty cycle.  

It will consider the breakdown of traction & cabin energy required, and energy recovered (electrical or heat)​.   It will also outline how HORIBA MIRA can help customers to select and utilise the optimal powertrain for a specific application.  This webinar will benefit customers that want to understand how the two main options for zero emissions powertrains compare when applied in a real world scenario and how to select the optimal solution.

Battery Electric vs Fuel Cell webinar