Certification in a changing market – UKCA conformity for VRS

Case Study Overview

Vehicle restraint system (VRS) manufacturer Tertu enlisted the help of HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited to put a range of CE-marked guardrails through the new UKCA conformity process.



The certification process began with a thorough review of Tertu’s product testing to ensure that both the results and the test procedures met the UKCA standards. Meanwhile, a product technical file was compiled and submitted for review by the manufacturer to document the design with data sheets and drawings.

The next step was a series of factory audits to ensure that the production parts conformed to the specifications established by the initial testing. Much of this was carried out under Covid restrictions, so the certification team had to develop new methodologies, such as virtual site visits.

The biggest technical challenge came from the sustainable timber used in the barriers’ construction. Unlike traditional steel or concrete, timber is a heterogenous material with different grain structures and properties along its length.

The certification team had to research the relevant standards and tests that would ensure the material behaved adequately and consistently in all situations. This Ied a continual programme of material sampling and testing to capture the full range of variability presented by using natural materials.

Standards involved: EN 1317 / ISO 17065

Successes and benefits

The Tertu barriers were successfully certified for the UK market. Key points included:

  • Research conducted to ensure compliance with new materials.
  • A swift response to newly-introduced UK-specific regulations.
  • Flexibility to work under Covid restrictions, including the implementation of virtual site visits.
  • Reviewing the manufacturer’s on-going test programme to ensure consistent performance of the product once in service.

We’re known to be a particularly stringent certification body. It was essential for us that Tertu and its customers could rely on the thousandth kilometre of these barriers to perform just as well as the first.
James Hughes, Principal Certification Engineer, HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited

Project Information

Project Information

  • Vehicle Restraint Systems
  • Construction Products
  • Location – France



  • UKCA compliance
  • VRS assessment
  • FPC audits
  • CPR
  • UKAS accredited
  • Safer roads

For this project, HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited drew on its extensive experience of working with VRS, both as a UKCA approved certification body and as an industry thought leader that has played a key role in shaping many test and certification standards over the years.

Engineering team deployed: Three key personnel (principal assessor, support engineer and independent reviewer). All based at HORIBA MIRA’s UK facility in Nuneaton.