Type Approval

HORIBA MIRA is able to offer a diverse range of services to customers in the automotive sector seeking Type Approval for their products on a global stage.

HORIBA MIRA is experienced in a wide range of Certification and Homologation services for automotive products. In its role as a Technical Service provider for the UK VCA, Dutch RDW and Irish NSAI Type Approval Authorities in a variety of Type Approval directives and regulations, we are able to offer a full service from initial testing through to approval certificate.  

Our Type Approval expertise covers vehicles in a range of categories, including:

  • Passenger cars (M1)
  • Light vans (N1)
  • Buses and coaches (M2/M3)
  • Commercial vehicles (N2/N3)
  • Light trailers (O1/O2)
  • Heavy trailers (O3/O4)
  • Motorcycles
  • Off-road vehicles

With a diversity of knowledge in a wealth of commercial sectors, HORIBA MIRA is well versed in the assessment of a range of vehicles, systems and components to the essential requirements of the National, European and global certification schemes.

HORIBA MIRA is a Technical Service of Dutch RDW (e4/E4) for over 200 subjects, including many of the commonly applied UN ECE Regulations.

HORIBA MIRA hold a range of accreditations for testing to the certification requirements of various global markets outside of the European Union, which can be invaluable to customers seeking to test products in the UK to obtain certification for sale across the world.

These accreditations include:

  • Australia ADR Test Facility T05755
  • Taiwanese VSCC

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