FMVSS Static Assessments

HORIBA MIRA is pleased to offer our customers a static vehicle assessment, checking for compliance against the United States Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Our team has been providing this FMVSS Static Assessment Service to customers for over 10 years, helping to ensure that vehicles destined for the US market meet FMVSS requirements, and thus avoiding the potential high costs associated with a discovered non-compliance of a vehicle already in the marketplace.

To ensure your vehicles fulfil the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) requirements, we:

  • Complete a static assessment of the vehicles against each of the static aspects of the FMVSS requirements and provide feedback on any areas that are compliant, require further investigation, or do not meet the requirements.

FMVSS Vehicle

The service is tailored to your requirements and can cover a range of assessments, for example:

  • Controls and Displays – including location, identification, illumination, and colour
  • Lamps, Reflective Devices, and Associated Equipment – including quantity, colour, position on the vehicle, visibility, and markings
  • Rear View Mirrors – mountings, and radius of curvature
  • Electronic Stability Control – including functionality above 20km/h, default to active, and tell-tales
  • Light Vehicle Brake Systems – Service brake operation, parking brake type and engagement, reservoir labelling, fluid level indication, and warning indicator
  • Tyre Pressure Monitoring System – including tell-tale, activation, and identification of underinflated tyre
  • Tyres – including size and construction, presence, position and frequency of treadwear indicators, and tyre sidewall markings
  • Glazing Materials – including presence of DOT marks and NHTSA-assigned manufacturer codes
  • Door Locks and Door Retention Components – including check for presence of primary and secondary latch positions. Presence of locking devices, and locking device operation
  • Occupant Crash Protection – including check of airbag labelling content, design, position, and size, seat belt type and labelling, readiness indicators, and owner’s manual information

The FMVSS Static Assessment Service also includes a comprehensive report of the results and assessment findings.

FMVSS Static Assessments

To enquire about this service please contact the Certification Team using the form below.

FMVSS Static Assessments
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Examples of non-compliance found by the FMVSS Static Assessment

  • Incorrect mirrors installed for the market
  • Visibility of rear lights not within allowable requirements
  • ‘DOT’ markings not present
  • Incorrect tell-tail contained within instrument cluster
  • Internal boot/trunk release not present
  • Labelling not in compliance with FMVSS requirements

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