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Vehicle Restraint Systems (VRS)

Vehicle Restraint Systems line the majority of roads in the United Kingdom, often providing the primary form of passive safety for road users and infrastructure. With them playing such a vital part in road safety, it is imperative that standardisation and a robust certification scheme is in place to ensure constancy of performance. This is what the designated standard EN 1317 sets out to achieve.

EN 1317

EN1317 table

UKCA Conformity Assessments

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HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited UKCA Services

HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited is a U.K. Approved Body under the Construction Products Regulations, specifically for the conformity assessment of Vehicle Restraint Systems under the harmonised standard EN 1317.

We have a wealth of experience with assessment and certifying safety barriers, parapets and crash cushions of all material types available on the market today. As such our team of engineers are familiar with material properties and behaviour under impact of steel, concrete, wood, rubber and plastic components within vehicle restraint systems.

In addition to fundamental product knowledge, our assessors are qualified ISO 9001 lead auditors and have completed factory production control audits all around the globe; taking pride in their ability to thoroughly and pragmatically apply the requirements of the standard in a friendly, professional way.

Furthermore, we are the only EN1317-5 UK Approved Body to have an ISO 17025 accredited VRS crash test facility located at the same premises; operated by our sister company HORIBA MIRA.

These are just some of the reasons why global manufacturers use HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited for their CPR Conformity Assessment needs.

HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited CE Services

As well as directly providing conformity assessments for the UK market, HORIBA MIRA Certification also has options available to manufacturers wishing to CE mark their products in order to place them on the EU market, without needing to repeat the whole conformity assessment process in full with an EU based Notified Body.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements with us directly, whether you are a manufacturer wishing to explore combined conformity assessments for the U.K. and E.U., or a Notified Body looking to collaborate with a U.K. Approved Body.

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National Highways Assessments

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HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited National Highways Services

HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited is authorised by National Highways in the U.K to complete assessments of Vehicle Restraint Systems that are outside the scope of UKCA marking.

If you have a product that falls into these categories that you wish to place on the U.K. market, HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited has experience with all of the above system types and can complete an assessment on behalf of National Highways leading to an acceptance letter.

Depending on the product type, testing may be completed against EN 1317-1 & EN1317-2, or EN 1317-4 at a suitably accredited test facility. HORIBA MIRA Certification will complete the following;

  • Review test reports
  • Review system drawings, datasheets,
  • Review modifications (if applicable)

If the submission meets EN 1317 and National Highways requirements, HORIBA MIRA Certification Limited can issue a letter on behalf of National Highways confirming this, enabling the system to be used on the UK road network.

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Unlike UKCA marked systems, there are no factory production control audit requirements for on-going compliance or maintenance of the acceptance letter.