Functional Safety Case Study: FS-US-04

Customer type: Semiconductor Vendor

Location: West Coast USA

Status: Ongoing (Oct 2019 onwards)

Summary: Our client has an established global business in developing electronic products and wanted to expand into the safety-related automotive market. Using our services, they were able to make that transition, and as a result, derived the following benefits:

  • People, process and products addressed in parallel to prepare the client for the automotive world and give them ‘Functional Safety readiness’
  • Client is now ready for ISO 26262 certification (if desired)
  • Client has been able to use the exercise practically in product development, bringing real-world learning to their team and are confident they are ready to sell their technology into real applications
  • By using a single consultancy with an unparalleled understanding of ISO 26262 and its application down to silicon level, they have received a consistent and efficient approach that has enabled them to be robust in their market execution plan and confident in applying their expertise to the automotive industry.

Description: This client is well established in developing and delivering silicon-on-chip (SOCs) to the consumer electronics industry but sees a large opportunity to deliver into safety-related automotive applications.  As a partner we have been working with this client to help them make that transition, both in terms of their skills and processes, using a product development as a testbed for these activities.

We have delivered a program of Functional Safety training (engineering and safety analysis), process improvement consultancy and a review of typical work products for consistency with the standard.  This has put the organization in a great position to prove readiness for their first major safety-related automotive application with a Tier 1 or OEM.

Standards involved: ISO 26262 Parts 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11