MIRA Academy

At HORIBA MIRA we recognise the need to not only prepare appropriately skilled staff for our own needs, but also for the needs of our rapidly increasing customer base within the Technology Park at HORIBA MIRA. MIRA Academy is the next crucial step forward for us in addressing this.

Given the well documented challenges of recruiting appropriate skills within the broader European advanced engineering sector, it is crucial that employers such as HORIBA MIRA play a key role in developing the skills and staff of the future. Key concerns cited by the UK government relate not only to skill shortages but also the quality of the training provided to our next generation of engineers and technicians. We also recognise the need to encourage and develop the future generations of engineers, with MIRA Academy providing support in STEM subjects and other work readiness activities to our local schools and colleges.

Through work placements and links with our education partners, MIRA Academy offers a broad and coherent range of training and development activities to inspire the next generation to consider advanced engineering as an exciting and rewarding career choice.


At the MIRA Academy we are passionate about inspiring young engineers of the future and providing a positive impact on local education. We have recently partnered with three schools and colleges which specialise in engineering. They are: the Nuneaton Academy, the Midland Studio College and North Warwickshire and Hinckley College.

These partnerships offer a number of benefits to the business and the academic community including employability training for students and the ability to provide work related skills development to young, local people.

Links with Universities

MIRA Academy has links with many Universities. These links include the provision of technical expertise from HORIBA MIRA in the form of visiting lecturers; industrial placements for undergraduates and attracting university undergraduates to HORIBA MIRA’s Graduate Training Scheme. 

Several HORIBA MIRA technical specialists act as visiting lecturers to universities and provide their expertise within relevant MSc course modules (some of which are run at MIRA); they also provide supervision for MSc students. Universities with links to the HORIBA MIRA Academy include: Bradford, Coventry, Leicester, Loughborough and Aston.

Work Placements

HORIBA MIRA has been providing work experience and work placement opportunities for young people for over 20 years. The company has received awards for both the number and breadth of placements. 

Each year a variety of placements are organised for young learners from local schools and colleges. The experience provided is matched as closely as possible to the interests of the learner. Supervision and coaching is provided by the HORIBA MIRA team leader, with the opportunity to not only experience working life in a relevant discipline, but also to build important employability skills such as preparation for work, communication and team working. 

With over 30 engineering departments and a range of professional support departments, there are many work placement opportunities within the organisation.

STEM Ambassadors

HORIBA MIRA’s Graduate Engineers are trained to work as STEM ambassadors within local educational partners. The STEM ambassador activities provide better motivation, more confidence and enthusiasm regarding STEM subjects, opportunities to improve key skills and increase understanding in STEM and a better understanding of the opportunities that a career in STEM can offer. 

This activity also provides continuing professional development for our Graduate Engineers, allowing them to develop competencies which are relevant to their aspirations to become Chartered Engineers.


At HORIBA MIRA we employ apprentices across the business in a number of key areas including Engineering, Test Facilities, Maintenance, Information Systems and Calibration. With more and more opportunities becoming available every year, the HORIBA MIRA apprenticeship continues to provide comprehensive training to the stars of the future.

Our new apprenticeship vacancies will open towards the end of March, so watch this space for more information coming soon!


Graduate Scheme

Typically our Graduate Trainees follow a recognised development scheme which normally incorporates an initial two-year period, throughout which each Graduate Trainee spends time on various placements within the engineering groups.

Undergraduate and Post Graduate Development

At HORIBA MIRA we provide on-going support to PhD programmes. In 2012 we supported four programmes in conjunction with Nottingham, Coventry, Loughborough and Oxford Universities. HORIBA MIRA takes an extremely positive view of these programmes as they support the company’s research objectives and strategy. Generally taking three to four years to complete, the programme takes the form of ‘self-directed’ research, termed as a ‘studentship’.

HORIBA MIRA sponsors a number of MSc programmes. These complement HORIBA MIRA’s Graduate Development Scheme and provide time in industry to each student. Typically these programmes are one to two years on a modular basis, with six weeks spent at HORIBA MIRA and one week at University. The benefit of the programme is the development of critical skills in a short period of time which often results in the student becoming a HORIBA MIRA employee. The work in the MSc programme tends to be more adapted to research.

Training Courses

HORIBA MIRA Academy ensures today’s workforce remains at the pinnacle of their profession with over 100 training courses in: Business & People, Technical Training, Project Management, Health & Safety, Staff Welfare, Inductions, Driver Training, Finance, Information Systems, Defence Security.