Complete validation for your product’s route to market, thanks to versatile testing that is tailored to applicable environmental conditions.

Our component and environmental testing facility is unrivalled in the UK for both size and capability. Customers across a wide range of engineering sectors have come to depend on our expertise, including for Tier 1 and OEM customer’s independent validation.

Our engineers are experienced with testing products that range from domestic appliances to large vehicles. The adaptability of our facilities means that automotive, aerospace, rail, marine and defence capabilities continue to be strengthened thanks to HORIBA MIRA’s expertise and resources.

We have nineteen environmental test chambers in total, as well as pneumatic rigs and electromagnetic shakers, plus the ability to test battery packs up to 800V and 700A with Bitrode FTF systems.

Solar simulation testing in climatic wind tunnels allows for product development that overcomes some of the most unique challenges, alongside salt corrosion testing, dust testing, and shock and vibration testing. While battery testing capabilities range from single cell to 1-tonne packs.

All test specifications are supported by teams with the experience and resources at hand to guide and support customers through the most challenging parts of the process. Our role is to offer clarity on your product’s capabilities, giving you the confidence of being as informed as the best testing facilities available make possible.

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