AIMMO Drives into Europe with New HQ

AI data labeling solution provider, AIMMO, launches in Europe with a new office in the continent’s leading mobility research and development campus, the MIRA Technology Park (MTP).


Already home to over 35 world-leading businesses in the global automotive industry, AIMMO will join a growing list of technological innovators with ambitions of further improving the performance of AI systems for autonomous driving. Founded in 2016, the South Korean company offers one of the fastest and most accurate AI modelling and automated data labeling technologies; and has quickly become highly experienced in the autonomous driving sector through ongoing partnerships with Hyundai Motors, Komatsu, Kakao Mobility, and the Gyeonggi Autonomous Driving Center, Korea’s top self-driving innovation complex, amongst others

Doyle Chung, Head of Global Sales, AIMMO, said

“We are delighted to become a member of the MTP community and look forward to collaborating with some of the world’s leading autonomous driving researchers.

“The AI industry continues to change rapidly with a greater need for training and labeling data, and with our experience in autonomous vehicles where our tool has been developed in the most testing environments, we have ambitions to take autonomous driving to the next level in collaboration with others. The impressive hardware and software developments in this sector can be badly compromised if the quality of the data is poor. Conversely, better quality data makes everything perform more efficiently to achieve your AI modelling objectives. It’s like putting better fuel into a high-performance car.”

As well as providing bespoke solutions for clients, AIMMO’s AI data labeling software, AIMMO Enterprise, is a hassle-free self-service data platform that has been optimised specifically for the automotive industry. It can easily be adapted and integrated to the internal operating systems of automotive companies and is already one of the fastest, most accurate and efficient systems available. AIMMO’s patented ‘Smart labeling’ feature can provide a game-changing alternative to traditional, costly, labour intensive approaches in the marketplace.

Jack Bartlett, Head of Commercial and Partnerships at MIRA Technology Park, said,

 “It is great to welcome AIMMO to our world-leading centre of excellence at such an exciting time within the mobility industry’s acceleration towards driverless vehicles and technologies. Their ambitions are indicative of ours at the MIRA Technology Park, where we seek to foster collaboration across an unrivalled community of technological innovators to make impactful change.”

AIMMO further expands into mainland Europe with upcoming projects and new partnerships in Germany, France, and the Czech Republic, that will be announced in due course.