Environmental Statement

HORIBA MIRA Environmental Statement

HORIBA MIRA is committed to reducing its environmental impact. We offer engineering and testing solutions that support our customers’ sustainability targets by protecting our local environment, reducing the amount of waste that we produce, minimising our impact on local air quality, and reducing our greenhouse gas emissions.

We have a monthly cross-departmental environmental steering board to manage and monitor our sustainability initiatives. This ensures that we raise, discuss, and deliver environmental ideas throughout the business.


Protecting the local environmental

At MIRA’s headquarters in Nuneaton, we strive to share our 344-hectare site with the many flora and fauna that live here and in the surrounding countryside. We have planted around 600 trees on our site to create more natural habitats for wildlife. When we expanded our facilities, we protected and rehomed many endangered newts that would otherwise have been disturbed. We have also installed several bat and bird boxes across our campus to give these animals safe areas to live.


Reducing the amount of waste that we produce

MIRA already sends zero waste to landfill. To achieve this, we implemented several schemes throughout the business such as replacing all single-use plastics in our canteen with recyclable alternatives. But we also strive to do more to reduce the materials that we use, to minimise what we send to be recycled. For example, we have gone paperless across many of our processes, which has allowed us to reduce the number of printer-photocopiers we have from 53 to 15. We also reuse the rubble from the buildings that we decommission in the foundations of the new facilities we are constructing on site.

MIRA is an engineering company, therefore, inevitably we create some waste from our research and development activities. However, we recycle all waste fuels and oils, as well as all the water from our wet grip proving ground surface.


Minimising our impact on local air quality

We want to keep our campus as a great place to work for all our staff and tenants, and we also want to be good neighbours to the communities around us. We have a bike-sharing scheme on site for anyone to use that reduces the number of car journeys around our large campus. We are also switching many site vehicles to electric models, to avoid the unnecessary tailpipe emissions from the frequent stop-start driving that these vehicles do.


Reducing our greenhouse gas emissions

Many of our customers are creating the next generation of clean vehicles and they have partnered with MIRA as we share a similar ethos. To support our partners, we have many EV chargers available for staff, tenants, and test vehicles. We are building a new energy hub to provide more capacity and even faster charging, as well as installing the first hydrogen fuelling station at any European proving ground. Since 2019, all our electricity has come from 100% renewable sources, but we are going further by actively exploring building a solar farm to produce our own clean energy.

We have maintained our on-site/off-site hybrid working practice, which has significantly cut our total emissions from commuting. And despite our rural location, we have a bus stop and local bus services to encourage commuting by public transport.

The heating of buildings is a major source of emissions, and this has been a recent target for MIRA. All our new leasable buildings are rated as BREEAM ‘very good’. We have replaced several gas-heating systems with air source heat pumps, and we have completely removed oil heating from the site.


Get in touch

We want to be respectful neighbours and responsible global citizens. If you have any comments or questions about MIRA’s environmental actions, please get in touch. Do also let us know if you would like to discuss how MIRA can support your organisation’s environmental sustainability goals.