Functional Safety Services

We offer a range of Functional Safety-related services in the areas of consultancy, confirmation measures, process development and training.

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We offer a range of Functional Safety training courses, these are based on our wealth of practical experience as well as our in-depth knowledge of developing standards. Our training courses can be found here

Process development

  • Help companies develop their functional safety-related processes and templates to best practice
  • Assist companies to integrate functional safety processes into organisational specific product develop processes
  • Support with new process roll out within your organisation


  • Generation of required work products (hazard analysis and risk assessment, functional safety concepts, technical safety concepts, verification and validation plans etc.)
  • Development of safety analyses (FTA, FMEA, dependent failure analysis etc.)
  • Provision of dedicated safety managers to plan and ensure the necessary safety-related activities are executed at the appropriate time in the safety lifecycle
  • Mentoring, coaching and guidance on how to plan and execute functional safety-related product developments
  • Advice on interpreting the requirements from safety-related standards and regulations
  • Verification reviews of work products
  • Independent confirmation reviews of work products

Confirmation measures

  • Provision of experienced Safety Assessors to perform functional safety assessments with required the required independence and impartiality
  • Provision of experienced functional safety auditors to perform process gap analyses, functional safety managements system audits and functional safety audits
  • Execution of independent confirmation reviews of work products