Connectivity and performance measures for confident sign-off.

To deliver connected vehicle services with a robust level of performance, such that the vehicle occupant is not plagued with audio, video or data corruption / dropouts, and the vehicle’s autonomous driving functionality is not impaired, is difficult to realise. Issues such as fading, shadowing and surface clutter significantly complicate the process, and poor antenna characteristics and high levels of vehicle RFI can be disastrous to reception and connectivity performance.

HORIBA MIRA are therefore delivering and developing wired and wireless connectivity performance measures that reflect ‘customer impact’ or ‘real world performance’, accurately simulating the vehicle occupant’s experience to ensure that reception and connectivity issues are identified, rated and resolved.

We are currently delivering and developing wireless services for AM, FM, DAB, GSM, 3G, 4G, 5G, WiFi, V2x, and wired services for CAN, LIN, FLEXRAY & ETHERNET.

Furthermore, our antenna simulation services provide engineers with the means to confidently assess antenna performance from concept through to production, whilst minimising potential radiation hazards through design.

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