Driver Training

HORIBA MIRA has been providing driver training courses to vehicle manufacturers and OE suppliers from around the world for over four decades. 

This training now forms part of established training structures for many company’s test and development engineers. 

Along with personal development, evidence of a planned training programme is critical in the light of the “Corporal Manslaughter Act”.

Bespoke courses exploit the “Experiential Learning Cycle” to understand dynamic vehicle behaviour including a review of the functions and limitations of modern chassis control systems. 

All training is carried out by an experienced development engineer, on a one to one basis, in specially modified vehicles using HORIBA MIRA’s calibrated high and low friction facilities which provide the optimum environment for learning.

All courses are designed around differing customer requirements and as such no menu price guide is achievable. Courses can range from half a day to a number of weeks, for both vehicle control and subject evaluation, including in-depth classroom sessions drawing in expertise from HORIBA MIRA’s many engineering departments.

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Automotive Engineering Training

HORIBA MIRA courses are aimed at industry test and development engineers to allow them to collect data in a safe and repeatable manner.

Accurate repeatable driving, in all circumstances, provides the platform to capture the reliable objective data needed for efficient development. Precise and controlled driving also reduces damage to valuable prototypes, reduces the need to repeat tests, enabling faster schedules and lower costs. 

Emergency Service Training

Courses address both fundamental vehicle dynamics and driving style, to culture a smooth and progressive approach that aids response times. Drivers learn how to avoid prematurely invoking electronic stability control, whilst gaining a greater insight into how systems affect limit handling characteristics in a number of common scenarios, which can also be adapted for accident investigation purposes.