Vehicle Durability

Precise durability testing that refines and enhances your vehicle to reach its potential.

All vehicle classes are covered by HORIBA MIRA’s vehicle testing capabilities, which are advanced enough to accurately replicate and accelerate real-world usage so that testing can prove to be as applicable as possible.

We have more extensive proving ground available than you’ll find elsewhere in the UK, though vehicles can also be tested on public roads and through advanced virtual simulations.

Accelerated Proving Ground Durability

Covering structural, powertrain and off-road durability, HORIBA MIRA has developed accelerated and correlated durability schedules for a wide range of vehicle classes and markets, including the only independent structural durability schedule correlated to the Chinese market.

Using our accrued testing knowledge and data, professionals can quickly define procedures in our secure workshops and facilities to meet the customers’ needs reflecting target usage, life, test distance or territory.

Public Road Durability

Access to public road assessment routes to assess durability and user feedback in a real-time environment allows us to account for any factors the proving ground cannot. We have routes established all over the world so that vehicle development can be tested on motorways, city roads, and in rural and tough terrains.

In addition, hot and cold climate durability assessments encompass key criteria that includes cold start, passenger compartment heat up / cool down and hot / cold driveability.

Accelerated Corrosion Assessment 

Our clients can use our vehicle corrosion chamber to determine any vulnerabilities in specific environments, as we’re able to replicate conditions that vehicles will face in both Europe and North America.

The objective of the test is to obtain an accelerated corrosion assessment of the body in white structure and associated painting, sealing and assembly processes. Chassis, body and electrical bolt-on items may also be assessed for their corrosion resistance.

Virtual Proving Ground

Having the ability to generate virtual road-load data has had a profound impact on improving simulation accuracy in the early stages of vehicle development process, which has saved our customers considerable time and resources.

Both OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers have been able to reduce their reliance on prototype vehicles, thanks to a 3D representation process that is directly compatible with existing MSC Adams software.

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