World-class, independent brake development, test and certification.

HORIBA MIRA has a successful track record in delivering and implementing engineering solutions for a range of brake-related issues. A wide range of customers from multiple market sectors include:

  • Passenger car
  • Low volume, niche vehicle manufacturers
  • Commercial vehicle
  • Military
  • Brake system and component manufacturers

The key skills of the brakes team are in the following areas: 

Brake System Engineering

  • Provide design and system guidance, analyse findings and provide consultancy services
  • Propose countermeasures appropriate to customers’ problems during testing
  • Undertake investigative work to define the root causes of problems
  • We can complement a manufacturer’s in-house resource, effectively managing suppliers, subcontractors and the development process
  • Undertake low volume, prototype manufacture
  • Research consultancy for hybrid and new driveline technology vehicles

Brake test and development

  • Proving ground based brake performance tests
  • Mojacar workshop for brake refinement testing
  • Subjective and objective benchmarking and as part of the development cycle
  • Regional sign-off – hot and cold climate mileage accumulation

Certification services

  • ISO17025 accreditation and an appointed technical service for EEC/ECE braking legislation for all vehicle categories, now encompassing brake assist (BAS)
  • FMVSS 135 (North American version of ECE Reg13)

Regulation 13 and Regulation 13H: our proving ground is calibrated for these specific tests and includes unique low friction surfaces.

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