Proving Ground

Only from the air can you appreciate the sheer scale of our 750 acre proving ground.

To drive around every leg of each of the 24 circuits you travel over 95km, which is why we are widely regarded as the benchmark vehicle development facility worldwide. Each part of the proving ground has its own role to play. These can be broken down into nine broad areas.

1. Performance Circuits – allow sustained high-speed, autobahn simulation and rapid mileage accumulation

2. Dry Handling Areas – consistent high friction levels provide excellent traction and high lateral adhesion necessary for vehicle dynamics and driver development

3. Wet Handling Circuits – extensive low friction circuits for tyre, braking/ABS, stability control and driver development

4. Ride & Handling Surfaces – crucial for refinement & interior comfort development

5. Durability Surfaces – produce accelerated durability cycles, carefully correlated with in-territory road-load data and manufacturer derived schedules

6. Special Features – test for overall robustness, customer abuse and niche market scenarios

7. ISO Noise Test – supports exterior noise certification and vehicle homologation

8. Cross-country and Off-Road circuits – provide loose surfaces and high mobility challenges specifically for, 4×4 and military vehicles

9. Intelligent Transport Systems / Telematics –HORIBA MIRA has developed a city circuit. An extensive network of roads, traffic islands and controlled intersections replicates most European/US urban environments, enabling the telecommunications, automotive and electronics industries, as well as highways authorities to trial ITS solutions in a safe highly controlled environment

This world class combination of industry-standard and unique tracks is available 24 hours a day.

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