Vehicle Environmental Test Chambers

Our whole-vehicle environmental test chambers are for extreme temperature testing with humidity and solar loading options.

Our twin chambers accommodate two passenger cars separately or, when linked together, one commercial vehicle.

The chambers can be programmed to perform cyclic profiles such as Def Stan 00-35 and MIL-STD 810G.  The two chambers each accommodate a passenger car separately or, when linked together a commercial vehicle.

Typical tests performed in the chambers include:

  • Hot and cold start tests
  • Heating and air conditioning performance evaluations
  • Windscreen/window defrost/demist tests
  • Functional, durability and structural assessment in extreme environments
  • Component and material performance assessments
  • Controlled thermal ‘soaks’ and solar radiation assessments

Our whole-vehicle chambers are just one part of our suite of environmental test facilities which include climatic wind tunnels, laboratory environmental chambers and combined environmental and durability test facilities.

Chamber Specifications & Features


  • Maximum temperature: +80ºC
  • Minimum temperature: -40ºC
  • Humidity: 98%RH at +38ºC
  • Length: 6.93m (chamber 1), 7.63m (chamber 2) and 14.7m (when combined)
  • Dimensions: 3.9m wide x 3.05m high
  • Entrance doors: 3m wide x 3m high


  • Solar (infra-red) array 5m x 2m built into the roof to provide 1.2kW/m2
  • 32 thermocouple (K or T-type) channel data logger
  • Logging rate up to 2kHz, additional channels available
  • Extracted exhaust outlets
  • Dried compressed air supply
  • Intercom system for monitoring and safety specifications

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