Powertrain Test Facilities

We offer a range of engine test, engineering and support services to a global client base.

Our powertrain capability includes a number of specialist test cells for emissions analysis, combustion analysis and pressure measurement. This is supported by a comprehensive selection of in-house support services including a clean build area as well as machining, instrumentation and calibration services.

Engine test facilities:

  • 9 Engine Test Cells
  • CP Control Systems
  • Absorption Dynamometers up to 400kW
  • Plint Transient dyno 150kW
  • New Horiba AC Dyno with STARS Automation Control System – 250kW
  • CAHU – Combustion Air Handling Unit
  • Temperature & Humidity Control (Typical Operating Conditions 25̊C & 50% RH)
  • Clean Build Area for Tear Down and Rectification Work

Engine test support services:

  • Engine Build
    • Engine Strip and Re-build
    • Component Changes
    • Highly Experienced, Flexible Staff
  • Pump and Reference Grade Gasoline & Diesel Test Fuels
  • In-house Support Services:
    • Machining
    • Instrumentation
    • Specialist Instrument Calibration
    • Stores

Engine test support services:

  • Horiba 7000 and 9000 Emissions Analysis
  • Smoke Measurement – AVL 439 and 415s
  • AVL Indismart Combustion Analysis Equipment
  • In-cylinder pressure measurement
  • Pressure, flow and temperature measurement
  • Blow-by, smoke and fuel flow measurement

Powertrain engineering key services:

  • Mapping and calibration support
  • Diesel DPF test and development
  • UREA dosing investigation for NOx control
  • SCR durability, NH3 slip measurement
  • DPF Ash Retention Testing
  • Oil degradation sample preparation for TLA wear measurement programmes
  • Engine Efficiency and Fuel Consumption Evaluation
  • Drive Cycle Simulation
  • Technical investigation and problem solving

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