Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

We have the UK’s only full-scale aerodynamic wind tunnel providing a cost-effective solution for aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of applications from automotive vehicle development, motorsport, aerospace, wind engineering, structures and sport sectors to name but a few.

Using our experience and aerodynamic wind tunnel our customers are able to compress the development lead times for their projects and minimise their costs to deliver right-first-time products to market ahead of their competitors.  Our full scale wind tunnel (FSWT) has been used for aerodynamic evaluation of all manner of products as diverse as life rafts, sports equipment, people (athlete position optimisation), buildings, road signs/barriers and even red noses for cars (safety issues rather than aerodynamics).

Aerodynamic force measurements available are drag, side force, lift, yaw, pitch and roll and yaw angles are +/- 180deg. Data acquisition is via a 62 channel pressure measurement system with transient output of forces and moments. Frontal area measurements can be taken in an area adjacent to the test section and flow visualisation during testing can be performed in various ways including conventional smoke wands, wool tufts (tell tails), and fluorescent pigments.

Use of the wind tunnel allows our customers to do more aerodynamic development and validation testing with the advantages of guaranteed, repeatable conditions and lower overall developmental costs.

Purchase dedicated aerodynamic wind tunnel measurement data from passenger cars and light commercial vehicles here.

Wind Tunnel Specifications

  • Test section area of 15m length x 7.9m wide x 4.4m high with a cross-sectional frontal area of 35m2
  • Maximum wind speed is 36m/s (equivalent to 130km/h)
  • Maximum weight for the turntable is 4000kg
  • Closed test section, open return tunnel
  • Balance for measurement of drag, lift and side forces
  • Evaluation of rolling, pitching and yawing moments

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