Crash Laboratory

Over 50 years of involvement in crash testing research and development has enabled us to become a centre of excellence in safety development.

Working with customers from all around the world we are able to deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, U.S and other worldwide safety standards

Benefiting from continual investment in the very latest equipment, our crash lab provides state of the art services to help develop a vehicle’s safety performance to the very highest standards.

Within the lab, we have a number of unique and valued facilities. Alongside the latest off-board and on-board high speed camera technology are two load cell walls including a microcell full frontal crash wall. An extensive transparent pit area measuring 5m x 7m x 4m deep lies beneath the impact area allowing for full vehicle underside filming, and a new fuel leakage roll-over rig permits even the largest M category passenger vehicles to be tested. We also have a unique capability to perform non-destructive roll-over testing to aid side occupant airbag development to mitigate occupant ejection.

The lab has five secure vehicle preparation bays to facilitate multi vehicle testing programmes, all of which have customer work space and two have dedicated fully equipped client offices suitable for residential customer use.

The vehicle testing is supported by experienced crash engineers, safety integration engineers, restraint engineers, CAE engineers, consultants and project managers to ensure that testing is delivered to scope whether it be a turnkey vehicle safety programme or a single crash test.

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