Body Structures Laboratory

Alongside our dynamic and durability test facilities our body structures laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating.

Vehicle Seat Testing

Our seat belt anchorage test rig is a very high specification computer controlled servo-hydraulic rig capable of applying controlled loads very quickly to the seat assembly to check the integrity of the seat fixings and the attachments of the seat belts into the vehicle.

Alongside this we can also offer seat back moment or ‘anti-whiplash’ testing to single, double or triple seats using our computer controlled loading rig, and impact tests using our headform pendulum rig which is available with high speed digital video recording.

Our seat safety testing facilities are all approved to ISO 17025 and are approved as a technical service through RDW and our in-house certification department.

Occupant Safety

Our body structures laboratory can offer the following occupant safety development or certification tests:

  • Steering wheel / column impacts measuring head impact or chest load performance (ECE R12)
  • Interior head impact tests using guided or unguided headform (ECE R21, FMVSS 201, FMVSS 201U)
  • Rollover ejection mitigation tests to the new Federal Standard FMVSS 226

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