Vehicle Tests

We are proud of a long and relationship with the automotive and military sectors and therefore have experience of many vehicle types across all sectors.

Over our history, we have developed an in-depth knowledge of not only EMC processes and procedures, but also the electrical architecture of vehicle platforms.

This knowledge allows us to not only test, but also make recommendations for efficiencies, and to ensure we continue to deliver our service in the most cost effective manner. We look to deploy these engineering skills in developing the latest test methodology to stay ahead of emerging technology trends.

Our engineers perform testing on all vehicle types within a combination of 4 large vehicle facilities on a double day shift pattern. Utilizing state-of-the-art EMC test equipment together with absorber-lined shielded enclosure (ALSE) environment allows measurements to be taken without influence from the outside world whilst offering sufficient area enough to test even the largest of Road Vehicles.

Vehicles Test Capabilities include:

  • Large Semi Anechoic chambers above 20m in length with floor ratings of upto 100Tonnes and high power amplifiers
  • 2 axle adjustable Dyno capable of 120kmph and 6m Turntable
  • Radiated Emissions and Susceptibility Tests over a full frequency Range
  • Electric Vehicle Charge tests
  • AM-FM, DAB, broadcast and Audio Quality Test and Benchmarking
  • Military De-risk, Development and Certification

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