We offer a broad range of test climatic facilities and computations methods, ensuring; accurate, repeatable, focused and effective development.

The purpose of these facilities is to assist with the evaluation of whole vehicle HVAC, powertrain cooling and hybrid & EV systems under simulated global conditions.

Testing in these facilities drastically reduces the need for HOT/COLD environmental test trips and compressing the development timeline by ensuring waiting for weather windows is a thing of the past.

Climatic Wind Tunnel One, a premium facility with 4WD dyno and full spectrum solar array is able to replicate a huge range of environmental conditions necessary for AC pull down, heater performance and general cabin comfort development.


Climatic wind tunnel “Two”, is the larger of the two climatic wind tunnels providing the truck, bus, off-highway and military sectors with the ability to develop vehicles using the same, best practice methods. Our Vehicle Climatic Chambers support whole vehicle testing and are a cost-effective solution for climatic tests, such as “Windscreen Defrost-Demist” that do not require a 2WD/4WD dyno.

Additionally, our thermofluids laboratory is used to characterise individual components (condensers, evaporators, radiators, oil coolers etc) and whole AC systems/heat pumps early in the development cycle, prior to whole vehicle prototype testing.

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