Battery Electrical Performance

In 2010 we invested in its first Battery Test Cyclers in advance of the EV/ HEV popularly.

Since then we have conducted a series of Electrical Performance Tests on various customer batteries varying from using customer supplied duty cycles to established battery test standards.

The first series of Cell and Battery Test Cyclers were installed in our Environmental Test Facility to ensure the electrical performance of cell and battery via charge/discharge cycling could be conducted at various temperatures which are known to have an adverse effect on electrical performance and ultimately the life of the battery.

Conventional consumer vehicles and road driving user cases and the duty-cycles embodied within established battery test standards will assist the customer with estimates for battery performance and life.

However, ultimately the customer wants real data on the performance /life of the battery rather than estimated and therefore would prefer to test using either the customers own duty cycle or an established test standard. The ultimate aim is to gather electrical performance data during typical ‘life tests’ to evaluate the battery performance over time (performance drop off) as well as estimating the battery useful life.

We have both engineering experience and facilities to conduct this level of electrical performance testing. Using our dedicated Battery Test System (BTS) which will control the parameters or inputs to the battery cycler (charge /discharge duty cycle), climatic chamber (temperature /humidity) and coolant flow system simultaneously whilst operating to the customer agreed ‘duty cycle’.

The battery performance data (usually cell data) is collected via the battery cyclers CAN system communicating with the battery BMS along with any additional supplementary data logging that may be required. By conducting periodic performance tests to measure any drop in performance this data can then be used to establish critical battery electrical performance over time along with battery estimated life.

It is also possible to measure the total energy throughput of the cells/module/battery in MWh to assist with electrical life performance.

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