Battery Abuse

We conduct tests on a wide range of batteries in automotive, Formula 1 and military vehicles.

As part of these testing programmes, batteries have to be subjected to potentially damaging conditions that they may see during transportation and service, this is termed Battery Abuse.

We are a Technical Service of RDW for UN ECE R100 which means we can test to the Regulation and issue E4 type approvals for vehicles and battery systems.

Supported by experienced engineers, we are able to provide services from single tests to complete programme delivery for system development.

Tests include:

  • Drop tests
  • Resistance to Fire
  • Crash
  • Dynamic nail penetration
  • Crush
  • Overcharge
  • Short-circuit
  • Thermal propagation
  • Ingress protection

These tests are performed on our dedicated Battery Abuse Test (BAT) site.

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