Highway Safety and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Extensive Highway Safety and Hostile Vehicle Mitigation test capabilities.

HORIBA MIRA is the only UK testing facility to offer a complete range of hostile vehicle mitigation, roadside restraint and roadside furniture test and development services.

Civil Installation

HORIBA MIRA’s 30,000m2 test site allows for extensive product fitting, including the permanent installation of roadside restraint sockets. We also offer a service to manage product installation and the supply of test vehicles.

Product Development

Our bespoke and most advanced fleet of computer simulation vehicles support manufacturers with the development of hostile vehicle mitigation and roadside systems, enabling for testing the effect of design modifications to any security product or vehicle restraint, piece of roadside furniture, bridge parapet or crash cushion, without incurring the costs associated with full-scale development testing.


HORIBA MIRA’s experienced and dedicated team works directly with certification bodies and is able to provide advice and guidance on all facets of current and proposed future legislation. Our on-site certification team quickly homologate and certify products as well as providing CE marking.

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