Automotive Cybersecurity

We are a trusted partner for end-to-end cybersecurity engineering services.

Our automotive cybersecurity portfolio is both broad and deep offering global turnkey services and solutions for:

  • Personal and commercial vehicle manufacturers and their tiered supply chain
  • Smart infrastructure manufacturers, their supply chain and integrators
  • Service providers and operators

Security in the automotive industry has traditionally been related to anti-theft measures, however increasing connectivity and automation of modern vehicles mean that security needs to encompass protecting external interfaces and on-board electrical and electronic systems against attack or misuse. External interfaces can include sensors used for ADAS/autonomy as well as wired/wireless connections.

Our understanding of automotive products along with our extensive expertise in cybersecurity makes us the right choice for vehicle manufacturers, component suppliers, fleet operators, and infrastructure suppliers/integrators across the world. 

Our cybersecurity services are underpinned by a cutting-edge cluster of over 14 facilities and a continuous programme of research and development into the evolving automotive threat landscape, vulnerability analysis tools and techniques, and cybersecurity testing methods.

At HORIBA MIRA we use proactive engineering to manage the risks associated with automotive cybersecurity and privacy; specifying and assessing the resilience of defence-in-depth cybersecurity measures to develop robust cybersecurity concepts for our clients. 

HORIBA MIRA are actively involved in the development of international standards on automotive cybersecurity, providing experts to the international committees for:

  • SAE J3061 Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Vehicle Systems
  • ISO/SAE 21434 Road Vehicles – Cybersecurity engineering

HORIBA MIRA are also the lead partner for:

  • 5StarS Automotive Cybersecurity Through Assurance, an InnovateUK funded collaborative research project. The consortium is developing an innovative assurance framework to assure that connected autonomous vehicles, components and systems have been designed and tested to the relevant cybersecurity standards throughout their lifecycle.

We underpin our services with continuous cybersecurity research, combining technical rigour with novelty.  Our research looks at areas of cybersecurity in future mobility, looking at what the vehicle of the future might look like, the key enablers and what the cybersecurity implications are.  This includes novel attack and attack mechanisms, techniques and development of toolchains to automate systems security and continuous monitoring of the threat landscape.  We use our technical excellence to drive and shape industry stances through collaborative research programs and to showcase our leadership in this area.  Many new technologies in the automotive space are already being trialled, with new concept areas such as mobility-as-a-service gaining speed and momentum; as such, our research will continue to look at secure ways to design and implement these systems so that vehicles continue to be safe and rewarding.

Through continuous research and monitoring of the evolving threat landscape, coupled with an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ product architecture, we help our customers react effectively to new risks.

As such, we tailor complete lifecycle process frameworks that can be used within our customers’ processes to incorporate cybersecurity into their products from concept phase through production, operation, service, and decommissioning. This process framework includes the use of a range of industry standard and bespoke tools and methods for designing, verifying and validating cyber-physical vehicle systems.

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