Automotive Cybersecurity Services

Our automotive cybersecurity services include:

  • Technical seminars and training courses 
  • Cybersecurity process development based on the latest industry best practices (e.g. SAE J3061)
    • Development of new cybersecurity processes
    • Review of existing processes and recommendations for improvement


  • Engineering consultancy, including implementation of recommended practices of SAE J3061 and the emerging ISO/SAE 21434
    • ‘Concept phase’ activities, including generation of feature definition, threat analysis and risk assessment, definition of cybersecurity goals and cybersecurity concept development
    • ‘Product development’ activities, including threat modelling, vulnerability analysis (for example attack trees) and technical cybersecurity concept development
    • Support for verification activities, for example conducting cybersecurity design reviews, and generation of cybersecurity assurance cases
  • Cybersecurity testing and assessment services, including tailored packages of
    • Vehicle and component level vulnerability analysis
    • Penetration testing, covering wireless and physical interfaces, in-vehicle networks, ECU hardware and software

Our cybersecurity services are underpinned by a cutting-edge cluster of over 14 facilities and a continuous programme of research and development into the evolving automotive threat landscape, vulnerability analysis tools and techniques and cybersecurity testing methods.

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