Active Safety

Active Safety innovation demands state-of-the-art test facilities alongside the most current engineering expertise.

HORIBA MIRA’s record of helping to pioneer new automotive technology has required a forward-thinking approach, understanding the direction of vehicle development and aligning our facilities to provide crucial answers.

Active Safety has become a key area for manufacturers to have access to versatile testing sites. Working in partnership means that a wide range of new vehicle technology coming to market can be as safe as possible, supported by a range of electronic systems that are advanced enough to recognise and mitigate the chances of a vehicle becoming involved in an incident.

Connected and Autonomous (CAV) vehicle technology and Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS) are constantly being enhanced at our Midlands site, which is unrivalled in the UK for the range of testing and certifications available.

Other key areas of expertise include collision-warning systems, stability control, and brake assist systems, all of which enhance vehicle safety and drivability.

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