Case Study:

Optimised Storage Integration for the Electric Car (OSTLER)

Part funded by the European Commission’s FP7 Green Car Initiative and Sustainable Surface Transport call and the consortium consisting of:- Project Coordinator: HORIBA MIRA (UK); Autoliv (SE); CRF (IT); Ficosa (ES); ZF-fka (DE); CUT (PL); IKA (DE).

OSTLER has been developed through CLEPA’s RTD Working Group. It proposes novel concepts for the way in which EV battery storage is integrated into the vehicle; in particular a novel modular concept that permits a storage-centric design approach. It will also investigate the feasibility of removable storage elements.

Based on the factory fitted storage variants the modular concept will be actively assessed to give the customer the ability to mount or dismount part of the energy store to match his or her daily needs for the range-space balance.

This option has obvious attractions but considerably raises the scientific and technological challenges, especially when the target vehicles must, as is the case here, meet the full homologation requirements for passenger cars and present no usage hazards over their lifetime.

To assess the modular storage concepts against the major functional criteria through the application key research questions need to be addressed. Significant progress needs to be made in order to allow these performance standards to be achieved with respect to:

  • Mechanical integration
  • Thermal integration
  • Electrical integration
  • Pack removability

The final solutions and recommendations from the project will be demonstrated and delivered by the team consists of:

  1. Novel concept for using inflatable elements to protect battery pack
  2. Identification of critical crash load cases for electric vehicles
  3. Test facilities and set-up for crash testing of battery packs
  4. FE modelling techniques for vehicle batteries
  5. Mechanical integration guidelines for crashworthiness
  6. Novel concepts for thermal integration of modular packs
  7. Novel concepts for electrical integration of modular packs
  8. Demonstrators based on vehicle-like platform (HORIBA MIRA’s MACE2 vehicle)