Network Assisted Vehicle

MIRA's network assisted vehicle (MIRA NAV).

HORIBA MIRA is developing a world class pre-crash test facility to support development and certification of advanced vehicle safety systems. To support this facility HORIBA MIRA have developed a new technology HORIBA MIRA NAV.

HORIBA MIRA Network Assisted Vehicle (NAV) is a vehicle capable of adapting throttle and brake control in response to messages received over a wireless network. Using accurate positioning techniques, suitable control commands can be generated remotely to accurately execute pre-defined test scenarios.

HORIBA MIRA NAV has a number of advantages over the two main alternatives for pre-crash testing. These rely upon full driver control of the vehicle, or a fully automated vehicle.

The human driver is prone to variations in precise driving behaviour in repeated or long duration tests. Furthermore, the increasing complex test requirements for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and ITS mean that multiple vehicles, or related events, need to be synchronised. The option of using fully automated vehicles is appealing for safe and repeatable testing but the current costs are prohibitively high because of the requirement for accurate sensor systems for all parts of the vehicle.

HORIBA MIRA NAV has already completed system development and testing and by the end of 2011 will be ready for use on our unique pre-crash test facility.