Case Study:

Limo Green - eco-friendly Luxury Limousine

Designing small eco-friendly city cars is one way to reduce the environmental impact of the transport sector, but sometimes a city car simply will not do. Larger vehicles present a whole new set of challenges… and HORIBA MIRA likes a challenge! Is it possible to design a luxury limousine with impeccable green credentials? We think so and, with the backing of the DfT, a consortium was drawn together to take project ‘Limo Green’ off the drawing board and onto the road.

Limo Green took a Jaguar executive saloon as a basis for the development, proving out the concept of a large luxury hybrid limousine, utilising an advanced drive motor, automated three-speed gearbox, small battery pack and a small Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) for sustained cruising. The collaboration between Jaguar Cars Ltd, HORIBA MIRA Ltd, Lotus Engineering, Caparo Vehicle Technologies and Antonov created a large, prestigious executive saloon with a combined average fuel consumption of 57mpg and less than 120 g/km CO2 emissions, whilst maintaining premium quality characteristics and performance. HORIBA MIRA was responsible for the advanced drive motor & controller, battery pack and hybrid integration.

The car was fitted with a powerful 170hp motor, which gave the car comparable performance to the standard diesel Jaguar XJ, but with maximum speed limited to 112 mph. Limo Green is a series hybrid, which means that it is primarily an electric car with an onboard generator to keep the batteries topped up. The car will also take power from the mains, providing enough charge for 25 miles of zero emission motoring.