HORIBA MIRA has an excellent track record in commercial, national and international funded research for a wide range of customers. HORIBA MIRA has the capacity, facilities, technology and people to support what is fundamentally a free-flow environment that submits to being creative and innovative. We occupy a unique position in the automotive and transportation supply chain, bridging the gap between the emerging technology providers, manufacturers and suppliers and we translate technologies from the proof of principle stage to commercial products.

HORIBA MIRA’s unique position and expertise in the transportation industry gives us a key insight and understanding of the industry’s requirements and the ‘state of art’ developments required to meet the short, medium and long term goals of a Smarter, Safer and Greener attitude towards transportation.

Some examples of our projects:


  • Advanced Telematics for enhancing the safety and comfort of motorcycle riders (SAFERIDER)


  • Train Interior Passive Safety for Europe (SAFEINTERIORS)
  • Pooling Knowledge to Promote Rail Safety (TRAINSAFE)

Transport Safety

  • Vehicle-to-vulnerable road user cooperative communication and sensing technologies to improve transport safety (WATCHOVER)
  • Sensors and system Architecture for Vulnerable road Users protection (SAVE-U)
  • Road and Air Safety Engineering (RAISE)
  • Passive Safety for Tramways for Europe (SAFETRAM)

Low Carbon

  • LCVTP - Low Carbon Vehicle Technology Project
  • Commercial Vehicles - Lightweight electrically driven Heavy Goods Vehicle for the urban environment (HIUCV)
  • HGV - Low Carbon Vehicle HGV Technology Challenge
  • Luxury Vehicles - Series hybrid drive system integrated into the new Jaguar XJ model (LimoGreen)
  • Buses - Hybrid Bus, vehicle control and auxiliary power unit (Choice)
  • Vans - Electric drive design and conversions from diesel to electric drive (Small Van Conversion)