HORIBA MIRA Proving Ground Newsletter -
May 2016

We will be carrying out some significant improvements to our Proving Ground throughout the year.


Completed Projects

Resurfacing of the wet handling circuit and upgrades to the irrigation system have now been completed. Both asphalt braking areas on the straight line wet grip have also been resurfaced during the closure period. Although both circuits are currently being heavily utilised, it is expected to take a period of conditioning before the surface has stabilised and the designed surface friction levels are achieved.

New entry barriers have been installed at the main entrance to the Proving Ground and at the entrances to all single user facilities in preparation for the implementation of the PGMS. Further information regarding the PGMS will be issued shortly.


Additional Improvements Planned During 2016

High Speed Circuit

Users are reminded that resurfacing will take place on the High Speed Circuit during the period: 4th July - 4th September. The circuit will remain closed during this time. Upgrades to the circuit safety barriers will also be carried out during the closure.

Coarse Noise Generating Surface

The noise surface adjacent to leg one of the Pavé will have surface dressing material applied during the next two weeks. This will require closure of this lane for one day, please note that this is weather dependant. The surface will require several weeks of trafficking before all of the loose aggregate has been embedded into the road surface and any surplus removed. There will be speed restrictions of 20mph in place during this period of conditioning.

Site Speed Limits

All visitors to our site are reminded that the speed limit on all access roads is 20mph unless advised otherwise. Vehicle speeds will continue to be monitored by our Security Team to ensure that vehicles operate safely whilst on site.

Public Holidays

The Proving Ground will be closed on Monday 30th May and reopened at 06:00 on Tuesday 31st May.

If you would like additional information on any of the above please do not hesitate to contact Tristan Wills on: 024 7635 5227.