Real Driving Emissions

RDE regulations are in force in Europe and will be a key feature of emissions legislation in global markets including: China, Japan, Korea, India and Brazil, in the 2020-2023 timeframe.

Our comprehensive service includes a robust set of test routes spanning the entire range of environmental boundary conditions, ensuring vehicle makers can achieve RDE sign-off with data-driven confidence.

The challenge facing the industry is to ensure that vehicles never exceed the specified limits for NOx and PN under a wide range of environmental conditions.
The three key variables are:

  • Altitude
  • Temperature
  • Driving style

It is impossible for a single RDE test route cannot cover all these varied conditions, therefore multiple test routes are necessary to ensure overall compliance. 

The final Type Approval test simply has to fall somewhere within the overall measurement zone, however subsequent market surveillance testing (EU Legislative Package #4) can be conducted anywhere within the envelope of moderate or extended boundary conditions.

In response to this evolving challenge, we have developed test routes covering all areas of the RDE measurement space, including extended boundary conditions, using locations across Europe.

Our UK routes, which fall within the moderate boundary conditions, have been verified for Type Approval purposes by the VCA (UK Approvals Body) and RDW (Dutch Approvals Body).

We also help customers around the world by creating RDE test routes local to their manufacturing and development centres.


We offer:

1st Package

  • Development of basic technical test procedure without quantitative requirements

2nd Package

  • Definition of not-to-exceed (NTE) NOx emission limits applicable to RDE testing

3rd Package

  • PN PEMS testing
  • Vehicle cold start
  • Regeneration events
  • RDE testing for hybrids
  • CoC (Certificate of Conformity)

4th Package

  • In-use-conformity testing by OEMs and authorities
  • Surveillance testing by ‘third party’
  • Modification/corrections to the requirements of the previous packages

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