We have an extensive range of vehicle exhaust emissions testing knowledge and capability developed over decades of emissions testing experience.

We have Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) approval as a certified laboratory for emissions testing in both our ambient facility (VEEL) and our climatic facility (CWTone).

Our upgraded vehicle exhaust emissions testing capability includes HORIBA emissions systems for diesel, gasoline and alternative fuels, dilute and raw emissions analysis, legislative and real-world drive cycles, catalyst efficiency, modal analysis and an SPSC particle counting system for diesel particulate analysis.

Our Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Laboratory (VEEL) contains a 48” single roll two-wheel-drive dynamometer that can achieve a maximum test speed of up to 200kph and provides a wide inertia simulation range from 150kg to 5,488kg over a range drive cycles and steady-state conditions; providing the capability to test motorcycles, passenger vehicles and light commercial vehicles. The dynamometer also gives ‘at the wheels’ vehicle performance measurement capability of up to 150kW in continuous mode and 250 kW for short periods (10s). Power measurements can be made during vehicle accelerations under road load forces or at constant speed/load conditions and can be corrected for ambient conditions according to various standards (e.g. SAE & DIN).

We also have a 4WD emissions testing capability and can carry out European Type VI, US Federal (-7ºC) and US Federal Supplemental Tests US06 and SC03 in addition to the more usual European ambient emissions tests. Additional services include a carbon canister conditioning system and an LPG refuelling rig.

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