Styling & Design.

Vehicle Styling & Design

External cab styling.

Our engineering design team has over 25 years of design experience in BIW, trim and chassis for both cars and commercial vehicles. This core design capability was expanded in 2006 when a formal relationship was established with Torino Design.

Torino Design with its wealth of experience in initial concept styling and feasibility work brings the perfect additional skills to those already held within HORIBA MIRA.

The combined experience of our engineering design and analysis teams and Torino Design linked with our extensive knowledge in the development and test of vehicles makes us the ideal partnership to deliver turnkey packages of work.

At the concept engineering and engineering feasibility stage, HORIBA MIRA and Torino Design can assess a customer’s requirements and offer a tailored package of work to cover the aspirations of our many global clients.

We are unique in that having over 60 years of experience in vehicle test and development, we have an understanding that is second to none outside the vehicle manufacturers, in that we can truly interpret a requirement and offer pragmatic solutions for complex engineering issues.

This can be undertaken in the first step with proven techniques in competitor benchmarking and system level target setting. By undertaking large amount of benchmarking, we can understand the most applicable and appropriate targets.

These targets can, in the first case, be subjective being set by our experts in ride, handling and NVH. Subjective targets can then be correlated into objective targets using our facilities and targeting agreed products within a matching vehicle segment.

Once targets are agreed that are practical and can be achieved with the previously agreed styling and design feasibility, we have the skills to deliver on-going vehicle engineering support for the complete vehicle programme.

  • Concept Generation

    Concept Generation image

    The generation of concepts that can achieve the requirements of a product plan is a key phase in any design program. If the planned objectives for costs, timing, aesthetic image, attributes & functions are to be achieved, then an experienced , highly skilled, innovative team of people are required to carry out that task so that the designs proposed can be produced cost effectively with minimum compromise.