Vehicle Engineering

MIRA Vehicle Engineering

We are a centre of excellence for vehicle engineering design, test and development.

Our experienced engineers have significant experience of working with automotive customers from all over the world on a wide range of programmes and projects including:

  • Whole vehicle development programmes
  • BIW design for crashworthiness, durability and NVH
  • Safety integration programmes for EuroNCAP rating enhancement
  • Chassis engineering design and development
  • Thermal management design and development
  • Ride, handling and NVH programmes
  • Specification, design and development of commercial braking systems

Our knowledge base covers passenger cars through to heavy commercial vehicles and takes into account the requirements of differing vehicle usage profiles and manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to work closely with customers to optimise the design and manufacturing cost.

We can run projects in the space from styling and concept right through to development and delivery to production and beyond as well as bespoke consultancy and engineering problem solving projects. 

We also have the unique advantage of having the engineering expertise, the CAE tools and the physical test and validation facilities in one location offering a complete solution to our customer’s requirements. Backed by our research programmes our engineers remain at the forefront of up and coming technologies that lead to new services and techniques development that are applied on customer programmes to save time, money or to support technology transfer.

  • Vehicle Styling & Design

    Vehicle Styling & Design image

    The engineering design team at MIRA has over 20 years design experience in BIW, trim and chassis for both cars and commercial vehicles. This core design capability was expanded in 2006 when a formal partnership was established with Torino Design.



  • Vehicle Design & Development

    Vehicle Design & Development image

    MIRA's design and development team has many years of experience in delivering complex, but pragmatic solutions to our customer's vehicle engineering requirements.



  • Vehicle Design Validation & Durability

    Vehicle Design Validation & Durability image

    MIRA is a centre of excellence for vehicle engineering, test and development. Our dedicated staff and our unique combination of facilities allow us to offer a broad yet specialised vehicle engineering service, like no other independent test and engineering company can.


  • Vehicle Programme Management

    Vehicle Programme Management image

    The MIRA Programme Management Process (PMP) has evolved from historical MIRA business and market experiences, and commonly used product development systems in the automotive industry. It is supported by a series of controlled processes that encompass change and configuration control, safety, risk and issues management, cost management, design and quality assurance, earned value management, and supply chain management.


  • Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

    Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel image MIRA has the UK’s only full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel providing a cost-effective solution for aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of applications from automotive vehicle development, motorsport, aerospace, wind engineering structures, and sport sectors to name just a few. 


  • Body Structures Laboratory

    Body Structures Laboratory image

    Alongside MIRA’s dynamic and durability test facilities our Body Structures Laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating.



  • Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator

    Brüel & Kjær NVH Simulator image

    MIRA's noise vibration and harshness (NVH) department has always been leading the way in solving our customers problems. The latest innovation to help us do this is a Brüel & Kjær NVH vehicle noise simulator which allows you to drive a virtual vehicle in a realistic environment.


  • Climatic Wind Tunnels

    Climatic Wind Tunnels image MIRA has two state of the art climatic wind tunnels. These facilities allow our customers to test their products under a wide range of wind speeds while a complete range of global environmental conditions are simulated.  Using MIRA's experience, customers are able to compress the development lead times for their large vehicle projects and minimise their costs to deliver right-first-time products to market ahead of their competitors.


  • Combined Environment Testing

    Combined Environment Testing image

    MIRA's combined environment facilities enable tests combining cyclic temperature, humidity, solar loading and shock/vibration to be run according to a customer’s exact requirements.



  • Crash Laboratory

    Crash Laboratory image

    Over 50 years of involvement in crash testing and research has enabled MIRA to become a centre of excellence in safety development.
    Working with customers from all around the world we are able to deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, U.S and other worldwide safety standards.


  • Durability Test Laboratory

    Durability Test Laboratory image

    The Components test lab is equipped with a vast range of test equipment to assess the performance of your product. Our aim is to provide rigorous assessment, of the fitness for purpose of the product, over its intended lifetime.


  • EMC Component Testing Facilities

    EMC Component Testing Facilities image

    MIRA Component and sub-system testing facilities are accredited for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the automotive EMC laboratory recognition program (AEMCLERP) as well as all the automotive directives.



  • EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities

    EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities image

    MIRA EMC Engineering is an accredited facility to a ISO17025 standard via UKAS. Our vehicle test facilities are approved for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLERP) as well as being an NPIA approved test facility.



  • Engine Noise Test Cell

    Engine Noise Test Cell image

    MIRA’s Engine Noise Test Cell (ENTC) allows an engine to be run in a semi-anechoic environment under the same conditions (speed, load, temperatures) as it would experience in a vehicle. This enables noise and vibration measurements to be carried out on and around the engine that would not be possible in the vehicle due to space in a typical engine-bay.


  • High Energy Facility - Outdoor Crash Site

    High Energy Facility - Outdoor Crash Site image

    MIRA’s external crash site is 30,000m2 in size with scope for extensive civil engineering installations. The crash site gives MIRA the ability to test high energy impacts or tests that cannot be carried out within an enclosed crash laboratory environment



  • HyGe Laboratory

    HyGe Laboratory image

    The HyGe sled facility is a key part of MIRA’s safety offering. It provides safety related testing services to numerous worldwide customers across an ever increasing range of sectors.



  • Kinematics & Compliance Facility

    Kinematics & Compliance Facility image

    The Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) Facility at MIRA is now well established as the only twin axle SPMM (Suspension Parameter Measuring Machine) in the UK and is still the benchmark design for such rigs. More than 1200 vehicles have been tested in over 15 years, ranging from F1 cars to minibuses. 


  • Pedestrian Safety Laboratory

    Pedestrian Safety Laboratory image

    MIRA’s pedestrian test capability has been continuously developed over 15 years to give a high-quality service and rapid turnaround. With experienced staff, a fully climate controlled laboratory, dedicated instrumentation and high-speed video equipment, it provides a complete service.


  • Vehicle Proving Ground

    Vehicle Proving Ground image

    MIRA’s proving ground is one the largest, most comprehensively specified and truly independent automotive proving grounds in the world. Located in the Midlands, at the heart of the UK Automotive cluster, MIRA offers every kind of global driving challenge from one location in complete safety and security.


  • Vehicle Semi Anechoic Chassis Dynamometer

    Vehicle Semi Anechoic Chassis Dynamometer image

    The Vehicle Semi Anechoic Chassis Dynamometer (VSACD) is used for interior and exterior noise testing. The semi anechoic property of the facility replicates a free field environment allowing testing to be conducted in a controlled and repeatable environment, eliminating the influence of ambient weather conditions.