Vehicle Corrosion Test Facilities

Vehicle corrosion chamber.

Vehicle Corrosion Chamber

  • Maintained at 49ºC and 95%RH
  • Used together with proving ground features as part of an accelerated corrosion test
  • Enables on year of severe in-service testing

Salt Splash and Mud Trough Applications

  • Accelerated corrosion

Facility Description

  • The two facilities can be used individually or in combination

Salt Splash

  • Red light signal controlled approach
  • Housed in an open-ended building
  • Designed for speeds of up to 50 mph
    Salt splash facility.
  • 35m long x 3.5m wide
  • Walled to provide splash back

Mud Trough

  • The trough is walled and 35m long by 5.5m wide
  • Width allow vehicle to zigzag