Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs)

HORIBA MIRA’s Unmanned Ground Vehicles provide the ultimate in capability and protection by removing UGV operators from hazardous environments.

For nearly a decade, HORIBA MIRA has been at the forefront of developing UGV systems and technology, delivering complex but practical products to our customers.

Starting with the platform, HORIBA MIRA has engineered a range of bespoke, complete running chassis systems that enable us to select the most appropriate product for a particular task.

Add onto that the functionality, HORIBA MIRA has concentrated on autonomous modes and ergonomics to ensure that the UGV operator’s operational and training burden is minimised.

Finally the payload, HORIBA MIRA’s UGVs are designed with modularity in mind, allowing us and our customers to integrate a range of payloads onto the vehicle ensuring maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness of our solutions.

HORIBA MIRA continually strives for excellence and is delivering a structured and extensive research programme that will constantly add capability and value to our products, thus ensuring that our customers have the highest level of operational performance available.

Our capabilities cover the specification and build of the UGV as well as the integration of payload systems and in-service support.

  • UGV Products

    UGV Products image MIRA has developed a range of unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) systems, including bespoke platforms, such as the MACE series of vehicles, or vehicle conversions, depending on customer requirements.


  • Vehicle Conversions

    Vehicle Conversions image

    MIRA’s strategy has been to develop modular unmanned ground vehicles (UGV) technology that can be employed in most vehicles with minimal engineering and conversion effort. The core of the technology uses our advanced distributed actuation system and central vehicle interface control system, containing the integrated autonomous systems algorithms.


  • UGV Proving Ground and Test Tracks

    UGV Proving Ground and Test Tracks image MIRA has built an exclusive use UGV proving ground at our main site in the Midlands.  This is used extensively for vehicle and systems development, and also for UGV operator training.


  • Climatic Wind Tunnels

    Climatic Wind Tunnels image

    MIRA has two state of the art climatic wind tunnels (CWTs). These facilities allow our customers to test their products under a wide range of wind speeds while exposed to different global environmental conditions. This enables customers development time-scales to be further compressed, delivering 'right first time' products into markets faster and more cost effectively than their competitors.


  • EMC Defence Testing Facilities

    EMC Defence Testing Facilities image

    MIRA Defence EMC testing facilities meet the full requirements for the Def Stan 59-411 and MIL-STD. MIRA is also perfectly placed to support any CE marking requirements of defence systems ensuring the most efficient route to compliance.