Safety Development

Safety development at HORIBA MIRA integrates the very best facilities to deliver the very best services across the automotive, rail, aerospace and military sectors.

With an indoor crash lab, an external crash site, HyGe sled, gravity sled, pedestrian impact rigs, numerous component testing rigs and a comprehensive suite of computer simulation tools, HORIBA MIRA's Safety Development Team has everything in one location.

Moreover, we continually invest to deliver to the changing demands of industry and as a result continually increase and develop our capabilities, with recent introductions being the capability to test and assess the performance of e-Call and ERA-GLONASS in vehicle systems. With all this capability in one location, each project and each customer has access to an unrivalled wealth of knowledge and equipment.

Vehicle roll over.

The Safety Development Department provides every facet needed in developing vehicles and their associated sub-systems, from bespoke design for unique test pieces to routine testing of global legislative standards to safety integration programmes delivering turnkey vehicle safety solutions. All this is possible through continual investment and dedicated staff with hundreds of years of combined experience in vehicle safety across all sectors.

  • Full Vehicle Crash Development

    Full Vehicle Crash Development image

    MIRA provides full passive safety integration and vehicle crash development for ICE, electric and hybrid vehicles. 


  • Body Structures Testing

    Body Structures Testing image MIRA’s conducts a wide variety of tests for vehicle structural safety and development.


  • Vehicle Impact Simulation

    Vehicle Impact Simulation image

    MIRA use CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) to successfully help customers simulate legislative and in house requirements for prototypes and to develop solutions to improve and optimise their products’ performance.



  • Roadside Furniture Safety Testing

    Roadside Furniture Safety Testing image

    MIRA is the only UK test laboratory to offer the complete range of services for passively safe support structures for road equipment.



  • Roadside Restraint Product Development

    Roadside Restraint Product Development image

    MIRA is the only UK test laboratory to offer the complete range of roadside restraint services, including product development, testing and CE marking.


  • Security Product Impact Testing

    Security Product Impact Testing image As the leading provider of security product testing in Europe, we work closely with governments and industry in the development of new standards, testing and the introduction of highly effective security barriers that are vital to protecting crowded places and critical infrastructure.


  • Crash Laboratory

    Crash Laboratory image

    Over 50 years of involvement in crash testing research and development has enabled MIRA to become a centre of excellence in safety development.
    Working with customers from all around the world we are able to deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, U.S and other worldwide safety standards.


  • Highways & Vehicle Outdoor Crash Site

    Highways & Vehicle Outdoor Crash Site image

    Our external crash site is 30,000m2 in size with scope for extensive civil engineering installations. The crash site gives customers the ability to test high energy impacts or tests on highway infrastructure, security products and bespoke products that cannot be carried out within an enclosed crash laboratory environment.



  • Body Structures Laboratory

    Body Structures Laboratory image

     Alongside MIRA’s dynamic and durability test facilities our Body Structures Laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating.



  • Crash Test Dummy Certification

    Crash Test Dummy Certification image

    MIRA Dummy Certification Facility offers a full range of services for Anthropomorphic Test devices. Apart from maintaining and calibrating MIRA’s fleet of over 40 crash test dummies, in support of the crash laboratory, HyGe laboratory and HAVOC open air crash facility, dummy certification maintains and calibrates, plus hires out crash test dummies for many external test facilities and organisations.


  • HyGe Laboratory

    HyGe Laboratory image

    The HyGe sled facility is a key part of MIRA’s safety offering. It provides safety related testing services to numerous worldwide customers across an ever increasing range of sectors.



  • Pedestrian Safety Laboratory

    Pedestrian Safety Laboratory image

    MIRA’s pedestrian test capability has been continuously developed over 15 years to give a high-quality service and rapid turnaround. With experienced staff, a fully climate controlled laboratory, dedicated instrumentation and high-speed video equipment, it provides a complete service.