EMC & Electrical Testing

Truck undergoing RFI radiated assessments.

To support vehicle electrical system development activities MIRA operate a number of EMC and electrical test laboratories. Capabilities include electrical testing of components and vehicles such as full load analysis, thermal rise checks and insulation resistance measurements. MIRA's EMC test capabilities provide component and vehicle sign off to ISO 17025 quality standards.

EMC Test Services

  • Radiated RF emissions
  • RFI interference assessments
  • Radiated RF susceptibility
  • Radiation hazard measurements (RADHAZ)

Def Stan 61-5 Power Quality Assessments

  • Platform
  • Terminal equipment

Vehicle Electrical Testing

  • Load balance
  • Load dump
  • Over / Under voltage
  • 24V jumpstart

Hybrid Vehicle Electrical Testing

  • ECE reg 100 testing to assess hybrid and electric vehicles for electrical safety
  • Charge / discharge cycling to realistic drive profiles

MIRA can also undertake low voltage and machinery directive assessments in support of CE marking.

  • EMC Design

    EMC Design image

    The mounting complexity of automotive electrical systems, along with the demand for lower RF emissions and increased immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, has led to a steady rise in electromagnetic compatibility issues. 


  • EM Simulation

    EM Simulation image

    Electromagnetic simulation is becoming more important in the automotive industry as the use communication systems within the vehicle are becoming more complex. These systems include blue tooth integration with mobile phones, AM-FM and TV antennas and GPS receivers. In addition to these requirements the radiation hazard that these electrical systems can pose on the human body can also be assessed.


  • EMC Programme Management

    EMC Programme Management image

    Since 1996, MIRA has located fully trained engineers within OEM premises providing a full service supply for EMC signoff and more recently software validation. Our engineers have a wealth of experience gained from working for many customers and make a valuable contribution to your engineering team.


  • EMC Component Testing Facilities

    EMC Component Testing Facilities image

     MIRA Component and sub-system testing facilities are accredited for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the automotive EMC laboratory recognition program (AEMCLERP) as well as all the automotive directives.


  • EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities

    EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities image

    MIRA EMC Engineering is an accredited facility to a ISO17025 standard via UKAS. Our vehicle test facilities are approved for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLERP) as well as being an NPIA approved test facility.