Component and Environmental Testing

Vibration and environmental cycling of clusters

MIRA’s dedicated component and environmental testing facility, the largest of its kind in the UK, offers Tier 1 and OEM customers independent validation testing for a variety of products across all engineering sectors.

MIRA's wide range of test facilities are easily adapted to suit various test configurations to support aerospace, defence, rail, automotive and the marine sectors. MIRA's dedicated engineers are experienced within a wide range of products from domestic appliances to full vehicles.

MIRA's environmental test capabilities and facilities include:

  • Nineteen environmental test chambers ranging in size from 180L to 36,000L in capacity
    Battery test facility.
  • Nine electro-magnetic shakers (five of which offer combined environmental simulation)
  • Battery testing
  • Salt corrosion testing
  • Dust testing
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Solar simulation testing
  • Pneumatics rigs

These comprehensive capabilities allow MIRA's experienced staff to support virtually all environmental test specifications for the automotive, aerospace and defence sectors.

MIRA was the first company in the UK to offer hybrid electric vehicle and Li-ion battery testing. With our Bitrode FTF systems, we have the ability to test battery packs up to 800V and 700A, allowing us to support the most powerful battery systems.

  • Battery Performance & Durability

    Battery Performance & Durability image

    MIRA’s unique battery testing facility has capabilities in conducting testing for the automotive, motorsport, defence, aerospace, and mining industries to name but a few.



  • Component Performance & Durability

    Component Performance & Durability image

    Thorough testing is essential to ensure that the component or system is fit for purpose and safe to use, throughout its intended life.



  • Corrosion Testing

    Corrosion Testing image

    MIRA has many years of experience in conducting accelerated corrosion testing, for both materials and components in our corrosion laboratory, and also upon vehicles on our Proving Ground.



  • Tribology using Thin Layer Activation

    Tribology using Thin Layer Activation image

    MIRA has perfected a Tribology technique using Thin Layer Activation (TLA) technology to measure low levels of wear between components, in real time.




  • Vehicle Body & Trim Testing

    Vehicle Body & Trim Testing image

    MIRA has the know-how to conduct all kinds of body and trim tests including wear, climatic and durability testing. Using robots and pneumatic test rigs, combined with environmental walk in chambers, MIRA has the equipment and engineering expertise to meet almost any test requirement.


  • Combined Environment Testing

    Combined Environment Testing image

    MIRA's combined environment facilities enable tests combining cyclic temperature, humidity, solar loading and shock/vibration to be run according to a customer’s exact requirements.


  • Durability Test Laboratory

    Durability Test Laboratory image

    The Components test lab is equipped with a vast range of test equipment to assess the performance of your product. Our aim is to provide rigorous assessment, of the fitness for purpose of the product, over its intended lifetime.