Test Engineering

HORIBA MIRA's Crash Test Facility.

We have extensive experience in providing test engineering services to the global automotive industry. With 39 major test facilities, including a comprehensive set of safety laboratories - crash, impact simulation, pedestrian; vehicle and component environmental facilities; full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel; vehicle and component EMC (electromagnetic compatibility); component and structures test labs.

Our team of specialist test consultants, engineers and technicians provide our clients with hundreds of years of combined expertise in testing to regulations and standards, to client specific requirements and in the development of appropriate test procedures and methods.

Ongoing capital investment in major facilities and equipment to support our client base has seen the recent additions of a new EMC facility, a major upgrade to our vehicle Climatic Wind Tunnel (CWTOne) and a comprehensive battery test facility.

Research and development investment in new test methods and tools is also an important part of HORIBA MIRA’s test engineering business. Recent R&D investment has resulted in the introduction of a new ‘non-destructive’ low ‘g’ test rig and associated test methods, which are now being used to support vehicle manufacturers with sensor development in rollover scenarios. Continued R&D investment has also led to an expansion of HORIBA MIRA-Caepro’s Safety Development offering. The introduction of our new advanced FMVSS 201U/226 facility enables clients to assess the energy absorbing qualities of the interior trims of vehicles and test the performance of side windows and curtain airbags to ensure they meet FMVSS 226 requirements.

  • Safety Development

    Safety Development image

    Safety Development at HORIBA MIRA integrates the very best facilities to deliver the very best services across the automotive, rail, aerospace and military sectors.


  • Vehicle Environmental Testing

    Vehicle Environmental Testing image

    MIRA has a range of facilities for vehicle environmental testing including two vehicle chambers and two climatic wind tunnels (CWTs).


  • Component & Environmental Testing

    Component & Environmental Testing image

    Comprehensive component and environmental test capabilities mean that MIRA can support virtually all environmental test specifications for the automotive, aerospace and defence sectors.


  • EMC & Electrical Testing

    EMC & Electrical Testing image

    To support vehicle electrical system development activities MIRA operates a number of EMC and electrical test laboratories. Our capabilities include Electrical testing of components and vehicles such as full load analysis, thermal rise checks and insulation resistance measurements. Our EMC test capabilities provide component and vehicle sign off to ISO 17025 quality standards.


  • Aerodynamics

    Aerodynamics image

    MIRA’s aerodynamics team use the UK's largest full scale wind tunnel to deliver substantial aerodynamic drag savings on a wide range of vehicles from motorcycles, passenger cars and trucks through to land-speed record breaking concepts and championship winning racing cars.



  • Calibration

    Calibration image

    The HORIBA MIRA Calibration Centre was established nearly fourty years ago to support our wide range of on-site vehicle research and development facilities. It benefits from utilising an experienced team of instrument calibration technicians and metrologists.


  • Kinematics & Compliance Facility

    Kinematics & Compliance Facility image The Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) Facility at MIRA is now well established as the only twin axle SPMM (Suspension Parameter Measuring Machine) in the UK and is still the benchmark design for such rigs. More than 1200 vehicles have been tested in over 15 years, ranging from F1 cars to minibuses. 


  • Crash Laboratory

    Crash Laboratory image

    Over 50 years of involvement in crash testing research and development has enabled MIRA to become a centre of excellence in safety development.
    Working with customers from all around the world we are able to deliver all types of crash testing and supporting services to meet and certify to Euro NCAP, European, U.S and other worldwide safety standards.


  • Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel

    Full Scale Aerodynamic Wind Tunnel image

    MIRA has the UK’s only full scale aerodynamic wind tunnel providing a cost-effective solution for aerodynamic test and development for a wide range of applications from automotive vehicle development, motorsport, aerospace, wind engineering, structures and sport sectors to name but a few.


  • Combined Environment Testing

    Combined Environment Testing image

    MIRA's combined environment facilities enable tests combining cyclic temperature, humidity, solar loading and shock/vibration to be run according to a customer’s exact requirements.


  • EMC Component Testing Facilities

    EMC Component Testing Facilities image

     MIRA Component and sub-system testing facilities are accredited for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the automotive EMC laboratory recognition program (AEMCLERP) as well as all the automotive directives.


  • Vehicle Environmental Test Chambers

    Vehicle Environmental Test Chambers image

    MIRA's whole-vehicle environmental test chambers are for extreme temperature testing with humidity and solar loading options. MIRA's twin chambers accommodate two passenger cars separately or, when linked together, one commercial vehicle.



  • Climatic Wind Tunnels

    Climatic Wind Tunnels image

     MIRA has two state of the art climatic wind tunnels (CWTs). These facilities allow our customers to test their products under a wide range of wind speeds while exposed to different global environmental conditions. This enables customers development time-scales to be further compressed, delivering 'right first time' products into markets faster and more cost effectively than their competitors.


  • Durability Test Laboratory

    Durability Test Laboratory image

    The Components test lab is equipped with a vast range of test equipment to assess the performance of your product. Our aim is to provide rigorous assessment, of the fitness for purpose of the product, over its intended lifetime.



  • Highways & Vehicle Outdoor Crash Site

    Highways & Vehicle Outdoor Crash Site image

    Our external crash site is 30,000m2 in size with scope for extensive civil engineering installations. The crash site gives customers the ability to test high energy impacts or tests on highway infrastructure, security products and bespoke products that cannot be carried out within an enclosed crash laboratory environment.



  • Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Laboratory

    Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Laboratory image

    MIRA has played an influential role in exhaust emissions development and was the first truly independent emissions test laboratory. We now have ambient emissions capability in the Vehicle Exhaust Emissions Lab (VEEL) and climatic emissions capability in one of our Climatic Wind Tunnels (CWTone).


  • Body Structures Laboratory

    Body Structures Laboratory image

     Alongside MIRA’s dynamic and durability test facilities our Body Structures Laboratory conducts testing for all aspects of safety and development for vehicle seating.



  • EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities

    EMC Vehicle Testing Facilities image

    MIRA EMC Engineering is an accredited facility to a ISO17025 standard via UKAS. Our vehicle test facilities are approved for all major vehicle manufacturers test schedules through the Automotive EMC Laboratory Recognition Program (AEMCLERP) as well as being an NPIA approved test facility.


  • Crash Test Dummy Certification

    Crash Test Dummy Certification image

    MIRA Dummy Certification Facility offers a full range of services for Anthropomorphic Test devices. Apart from maintaining and calibrating MIRA’s fleet of over 40 crash test dummies, in support of the crash laboratory, HyGe laboratory and HAVOC open air crash facility, dummy certification maintains and calibrates, plus hires out crash test dummies for many external test facilities and organisations.


  • HyGe Laboratory

    HyGe Laboratory image

    The HyGe sled facility is a key part of MIRA’s safety offering. It provides safety related testing services to numerous worldwide customers across an ever increasing range of sectors.



  • Pedestrian Safety Laboratory

    Pedestrian Safety Laboratory image

    MIRA’s pedestrian test capability has been continuously developed over 15 years to give a high-quality service and rapid turnaround. With experienced staff, a fully climate controlled laboratory, dedicated instrumentation and high-speed video equipment, it provides a complete service.