Rail Seat & Interior Development

HyGe rail seat testing.

MIRA offer rail seating solutions to meet UK, Federal and potential European requirements.

We offer services from validation testing of an existing design to complete turnkey solutions. Having the complete array of testing facilities, rail safety expertise, design and computer simulation capabilities means that we are able to design high performing, low weight rail interior solutions. In parallel we also design effective testing programmes aimed at reducing development costs and meeting the latest standards.

Our facilities and capabilities include the latest crash dummies including the Hybrid III RS rail dummy, CATIA design software, Dyna3D computer simulation and a UKAS accredited HyGe reverse accelerator sled. The HyGe sled can accommodate a rail vehicle body-side and floor sections and can hold multiple seat and table configurations allowing two or more scenarios to be combined in a single test. Furthermore, all rail seat and interior testing and development programmes conducted at MIRA are supported by our experienced rail safety experts who can work with customers in the design of effective testing programmes to meet approvals.

MIRA’s rail experts have a breadth of knowledge regarding both current and future regulatory requirements having designed the latest rail occupant injury criteria.  We are able to provide influential and respected opinion within the Rail Vehicle Acceptance Bodies / Notified Bodies and will support our customers with our recognised expert opinion throughout any derogation process.

Having worked with numerous seating and interior suppliers, we have a track record of delivering complete solutions that meet our customer’s design and manufacturing requirements whilst achieving occupant injury criteria significantly lower than the regulatory requirements.

A MIRA crash model accurately predicts the test in MIRA's HyGe laboratory.