Proving Ground - Special Features

Body-twist feature.

The HORIBA MIRA proving ground has a comprehensive range of worldwide road features to test your vehicle:

  • Kerb island
  • Long-wave pitching - six sinusoidal bumps
  • Chuck holes - sets of two and four in line
  • River bed
  • Impact bars
  • Figure-of-eight manoeuvres area
  • American driveway ramps
  • Ladder rack
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Basalt tiles
  • Body-twist
  • Jounce holes
  • Drop slab - varying heights
  • Kerbs - angled
  • Acceleration bumps - set of five bumps for drive-line shock
  • Postal road - represents cobbles appearing through worn asphalt, gives high and low friction for ABS and ASR excitation
  • Slalom cobblestones - for additional lateral high input structural tests
  • Manoeuvres and kerbing area